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Other Services

  • The Dayanim of the London Beth Din answer halachic questions on matters of Jewish law for Rabbis, both in the UK and overseas. Individuals also apply to the London Beth Din on questions of halachah but are advised to first refer to their Rabbi before approaching the Beth Din.


  • The London Beth Din supervises a number of Eruvin in the London area and also supervises a number of Mikvaot (ritual baths), both for people and for utensils.


  • The London Beth Din is the halachic authority for the Initiation Society and all Mohelim seeking to join the Initiation Society are tested by Dayanim in their halachic competence to carry out Brit Milah


  • The London Beth Din also tests all Rabbis under the jurisdiction of the Chief Rabbi who wish to conduct marriages, in their competence to do so.


  • The London Beth Din advises the CST on halachic issues.


  • The London Beth Din offers a service for those needing documentation relating to Probate proceedings in Israel.


  • The London Beth Din assists in the drafting of partnership agreements and contracts whereby a Jewish business can remain open on Shabbat or Yom Tov where it is possible to permit this.


  • The London Beth Din also assists in the drafting of documentation that will allow lending or borrowing with ‘interest’ by reformulating the loan as an investment. This process is known as Heter Iska.

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