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Adoption & Fertility

The London Beth Din oversees the process whereby a non-Jewish child adopted by a Jewish couple may achieve Jewish status.  Similarly, the London Beth Din assist to regularise the Jewish status (when required by Jewish Law) of children conceived using non-Jewish donor gametes or a non-Jewish surrogate in the course of fertility treatment. Without certification of Jewish status by a Beth Din, the child would not be allowed to marry in an Orthodox synagogue in the future.


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The Beth Din’s Approach To Assisted Conception and Jewish Status

In recent years the London Beth Din have received an increasing number of enquiries regarding assisted conception and Jewish status. Our position is that conversion is required in all cases of assisted conception in which either the donor egg is of non-Jewish origin, or the surrogate mother is non-Jewish. (It should be noted that, given their lack of legal capacity, the criterion for the conversion of minors is different from that of adults). We strive to do all we can to help support families and we encourage those exploring assisted conception to get in touch with us via email ( at the earliest opportunity. We treat all enquires with care, sensitivity and in the strictest confidence.

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