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The London
Beth Din (LBD)

The LBD is one of Europe’s premier halachic authorities and is the Court of the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth

What we do

What we do

The London Beth Din provides a number of services and resources essential to Jewish communal life


Jewish marriages in the United Kingdom are authorised by the Office of the Chief Rabbi

Conversion & Jewish Status

The London Beth Din administers the vast majority of Jewish Orthodox conversions in the United Kingdom

Arbitration (Dinei Torah)

The London Beth Din serves the UK Jewish community as a forum for the adjudication and resolution of disputes

Adoption & Fertility

LBD oversees matters of Jewish status for adopted children and deals with issues of surrogacy and fertility


LBD handles the process of Jewish divorce. Most Gittin (divorces) in the UK are administered by LBD

Kashrut & Shechita

The KLBD (Kashrut Division of the London Beth Din) is the leading UK authority on Jewish Dietary Laws

Other Services

Click here for more information including Eruvin, Mikvaot and Mohelim

Video Content

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Watch a variety of shiurim from the London Beth Din Dayanim plus a wide range of video content from the United Synagogue on

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